Maxam mowers FAQ’s

What size tractor do I need?

The Maxam 2500 is fine with 70 HP and over and the 3300 80 HP and up. Just note the 3300 needs 1000rpm PTO output.

How do I adjust the cutting height?

All models have 3 different blade options – the standard red stepped blade, the half step blue blade, and the straight blade. The red blade give a mowing height of around 30mm, which is about a standard mowing height. The blue blade is 6mm higher and the straight blade is another 6mm. The 3300 can be fitted with topping skids that fit under the outside rotors and raise the cut height an extra 40mm. The 2500 has topping skids bolted to the outside of the mower. The 2500 can cut up to 125mm (5”).


Do Maxam mowers really cut the wheel mark out?

Yes they do, however there are circumstances where this is not 100% possible. Early season cutting conditions when the grass is fresh and the ground is soft make it very difficult. Normally once the grass stalk is firm and the mower is correctly set up the results are surprisingly good.


How long do the belts last?

The belts on Maxam mowers typically last a long time – often for years of work. In fact – if they are not then something is not quite right. Common causes of belt failure include over tensioning, being too loose, starting the mower up at above idle tractor revs and with abrupt engagement. Stones or sticks getting into the pulley vee groove will also damage a belt. Watch the belt tensioning video for correct tension.


What is the current paint treatment?

The mower chassis are sand blasted and treated with a high grade two pack epoxy paint. PPG PSX 1015 is a unique system that uses patented engineered siloxane components to deliver the excellent adhesion, toughness, corrosion and chemical resistance of epoxy siloxane.



Fencepro post rammers

Which model do I buy?

There is a process to go through to determine which model and options suit each customer. You can contact the sales team at Farmgear directly, or talk to your local dealer about the type of fencing and the terrain and substrates you are likely to encounter. The Fencepro range is very extensive so you will normally need some guidance to ensure you get the best machine for your requirements.

Why do you sell through dealers?

Farmgear can provide much better service to customers when working through machinery dealers. They will work through the best models and options, and have good local knowledge of the conditions. Dealers will also take trade-ins, arrange finance, deliver the new post driver to your farm and set it up on the tractor. If any after sales service is needed, they are close at hand to help out to minimise any downtime. Spare parts are normally kept in stock at their branches, so you can often get same day service for parts.


Are Fencepro rammers more expensive than those that are sold direct to the customer?

No they aren’t. Because Fencepro are the biggest player in the market – they manufacture a lot more post drivers. This has what’s known as economies of scale – so the machines are built more efficiently and the components are cheaper to buy with greater quantities purchased. The combined efficiencies of more production and better buying power means highly competitive (and in many cases cheaper) pricing.


How long do I have to wait for my new post rammer after I order it?

The average time from order to despatch is currently 8 working days. No deposit is required, and all machines have free delivery – not only to the dealer, but to your farm. Normally the rammer is set up on your tractor and the trade taken away for an enjoyable, hassle free deal.


Where can I see a Fencepro post driver?

Most Fencepro dealers will have a model in stock. It is also most likely their best-selling model so a good chance it suits your area. Some dealers will stock Farmer models, others Contractor models as that is what they sell the most of. Fencepro post drivers are the best value for money for sale in New Zealand.


Can I add options at a later date?

Absolutely. With the exception of the hinged mast, pretty much all options can be fitted later on as your needs change. We encourage owners to add extra valves if there’s a fair chance they will be adding options – but even valve banks can be fitted later. Fencepro have a modular system which they call MBA – standing for Mast Base Attachment. Basically you pick a mast that suits your type of work and then build the attachments to suit.