Fencepro Post drivers are the top post drivers for sale in NZ. Fencepro postdrivers make fencing quicker, safer and cheaper which is why they are best-selling rammers available. They are fast, easy to use, and versatile.  The top of the range is the RB800 180 degree rotating base which can be matched to any model in the range of Fencepro post bangers.

There is a post driver for all budgets, and attachments to suit all soil types. Fencepro have the largest range of post drivers for sale on the New Zealand market which suit both fencing contractors, farmers and horticulturalists. Fence-Pro are world class products that are guaranteed to last and make fences quicker and safer to construct.

The Fencepro VPD5500 pile driver is now upgraded and branded Hoopercivil Pile-X 550C which is now here https://hoopercivil.co.nz/driver-products

The Fencepro Versatile Series is ideal for mounting to diggers, skid steers and tractors as a high flow dump line or case drain is not required. The hydraulic circuit recycles the oil so standard QRC fittings are all that is required to run them.

The latest manufacturing techniques and technology is utilised in the manufacture of these robust machines. The use of computer design and laser technology is evident in the latest model, the RB800 rotating base which has a unique, hydraulic rotating system unique to Fencepro. These are the best postdrivers for sale on the New Zealand market and cannot be beaten on value or long term ownership. Only the best quality materials are used – such as Onesteel from Australia for the mast steel and Rock Spike Steel from Japan.