Fencepro Farmtek

The Farmtek is a farmers model postdriver that is versatile enough for most farming operations. Even in its standard form it has height adjustable feet to give extra height for strainers and fully hydraulic operation. An external port relief valve is also included to stop any pressure spikes when stopping the block from dropping. Just another sign of this machines pedigree.


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The Farmtek farmers model postdriver can be fitted with such a range of options, many at a later date. This ensures you can modify it to suit your requirements if they change at a later date. Some features such as a folding mast must be included at the time of manufacture, others can be retofitted later on. Apart from the Rock spike extractor and the mast shift, most other Fencepro options are available. These include the SM900 side mount unit, the post lifter and the Hydraulic Auger unit.

Attention to detail during the manufacturing process is key to the longevity of post drivers and the Farmtek sure doesn’t miss out on the full treatment! The engineers at Farmgear use the same techniques on every part for the full contractors machines and the lower cost models.

The Farmtek with a 230kg block is like the industry standard  and is unbeatable value. The 4 metre mast gives enough reach for strainers and the hydraulic operation is fast and accurate for quick post placement.

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 Standard Features

  • 4.0 metre mast
  • 3 bank valve
  • Hydraulic top link and side tilt
  • 190kg block
  • Height adjustable feet
  • 60mm diameter mast pivot pin
  • External pressure relief valve

Farmtek Options

  • 230kg block upgrade
  • 420mm and 900mm side mount unit
  • Standalone hydraulic auger
  • Hydraulic post lifter
  • Side mount leg roller
  • 4.5m manual hinge mast with hydraulic fold option

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