Reversible Side mount Linkage

$6,500.00 excl. GST

The reversible linkage on the SM900 sidemount allows the post driver to be  mounted to either the left or the right side of the tractor. Ideal for hard to reach posts or situations where you can only access the right side of the fence line. The price shown is the complete SM900 double linkage unit retail price. The reverse linkage upgrade price is $500 + GST extra over the standard SM900 which is $5900 + GST.


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Three ways to mount the post driver

The Side mount SM900 has a reversible mounting option so the post driver can be out to the left side of the tractor. This allows the post driver to be mounted in three positions;

  • Mounted directly to the tractor without the sidemount unit – ideal if you need to straddle the guide wire on a narrow bulldozed line
  • Mounted to the side mount unit in the normal right side position
  • Mounted to the side mount unit using the extra three point linkages, so the post driver is now on the left side of the tractor.

This is an inexpensive and versatile option.

Fast and easy to change over

The photos below show the reverse sidemount linkage in the two positions. Simply unhitch the tractor and drive around to the other side and reconnect.

Reversible linkage to the left side of the tractor        Reversable sidemount to right of tractor

The Reversible linkage option on the Fencepro SM900 sidemount unit is a factory fitted option only. This is a critical component that must be welded to correct Engineering standards. Any failure would be extremely dangerous.

The factory fitted price is $500 + GST.

Reversible linkage sidemount

This photo shows the postdriver mouted on the left side of the tractor instead of the right side.

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