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The Ultra G2 after many years is still both the benchmark and the gold standard for fencing contractors rigs, and has also set the standard for versatility, reliability and speed. The quick operation is helped by logical layout and a large area covered by the side mount and mast shift so minimal tractor movements are necessary. The price above includes the SM900 side mount unit as shown.

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Professional Fencing Contractors Rig

The Fencepro Ultra G2 post driver gave professional fencing contractors a rig that was just at home in the construction of cattle yards as up on a steep ridge line. The mast always had enough reach to cater for very steep country, and even when the ground got really hard, the combination of the 270 kg block and the 4.5m mast was always enough to get large strainers in. The hydraulic hinge mast was quick to fold up and down and made the unit so compact with a very low transport height.

Fast and Easy to use

Fast and accurate placing of posts is what a top post driver is all about, and the Ultra G2 simply excels in this area. Not to mention the extras that can be added such as the Rock spike Extractor system which will also pull posts out and the same unit can be fitted with a Hydraulic auger or Rock drill. So whether you hit papa clay, schist, rocks, or sandstone, there is a way through!

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 Standard Features

  • 4.5 metre hydraulic hinged mast
  • 6 bank valve (1 spare port, mostly used on sidemount unit)
  • Hydraulic top link and side tilt
  • 350mm mast shift
  • 270kg contractors block with Nylon slides
  • Height adjustable feet
  • 75 mm diameter mast pivot pin
  • External pressure relief valve
  • 9 mm wire rope
  • 53° side tilt and wide angle top link

Ultra G2 Options

  • Side mount Unit – 900 mm travel (SM900)
  • Side mount Unit – 420 mm travel  (for vineyards)
  • Rear shift unit    – 250 mm travel
  • Rock Spike Extractor System
  • Near side mounted manual positioning
  • Near side mounted Hydraulic Turner
  • Far side mounted manual positioning (new)
  • Far side mounting Hydraulic Turner
  • 90 mm or 120 mm Rock Spike
  • Hydraulic auger – with its own lift ram or mounted to the Rock spike Extractor
  • 75 mm, 100 mm,150 mm or 200 mm augers
  • Rock Drill with Planetary drive motor (mounts on Rock spike extractor)
  • Telescopic extension for Rock Drill (auger hole 1500 mm deep)
  • 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm Rock Drill augers
  • 300 KG Block upgrade
  • 4.8 m mast upgrade
  • Leg roller kit for side mount unit (ideal for roading and hard ground)
  • Post Lifter Kit

Fencing Contractor with Ultra G2 near Murchison

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