Fencepro Ultra G3

The Fencepro Ultra G3 is the ultimate fencing contractors rig that is specifically designed to work in the most difficult conditions day in day out without missing a beat. Regardless of the soil type or substrate – the Ultra G3 can be kitted out with the gear to  get the posts in the ground efficiently. The Rock drill is a good example of one of the options that the Ultra G3 has to tackle schist and other types of rock.

An example retail price of the Ultra G3 on the SM900 Sidemount is $28,900 + GST, however they mostly have other options such as Rock Spike Extractors, Rock Drill etc so you will need a special quote for each machine. This price does not match the one in the photo.

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The Ultra G3 has everything the popular Ultra G2 has and more! With an 11mm rope instead of the normal 9 mm rope, the options open up for heavier blocks. A standard 4.8 m hydraulic hinging mast and 300 kg block ensure there is shortage of hitting power and if needed the block can be upgraded to a 350kg weight.

In many parts of the south Island the ground is very rocky and stony, which requires special techniques and equipment to be effective. The Ultra G3 can be fitted with the Rock Spike Extractor which is ideal for the loose stones in Canterbury. The solid rock substrates such as schist, sandstone, and rotten rock need to be drilled. The Fencepro Rock Drill is the weapon of choice in these situations. The Rock Drill Fits to the Rock Spike Extractor System so you can drill a pilot hole, smack in a Rock Spike or pull out a post all with the same unit. Totally versatile!

The Rock Spike Extractor can also be fitted with the turner ram which swings it to and from the work position hydraulically. Brilliant on hills and so fast and efficient too. The ram holds it in place so no locking system is needed either. The Ultra G3 is built strong enough to withstand an endless amount of pounding, but not so heavy it is unbalanced on steeper country. Read the FarmTrader test Here.

Standard Features

  • 4.8 metre Hydraulic hinge mast
  • 6 Bank valve and 2 bank 2nd tier valve bank (8 functions)
  • Wide angle Hydraulic top link and 53° side tilt
  • 350 mm mast shift
  • 300 kg block with Nylon slides
  • Height adjustable feet
  • 75mm mast pivot pin
  • External pressure relief valve
  • 11mm wire rope
  • Guard around pulley housing
  • Extra large rope pulleys (300 mm singe top pulley)
  • Heavy Duty post cap (40 mm)

Ultra G3 Options

  • Side mount Unit – 900 mm travel (SM900)
  • Side mount Unit – 420 mm travel  (for vineyards)
  • Rear shift unit    – 250 mm travel
  • Rock Spike Extractor System
  • Near side mounted manual positioning
  • Near side mounted Hydraulic Turner
  • Far side mounted manual positioning (new)
  • Far side mounting Hydraulic Turner
  • 90 mm or 120 mm Rock Spike
  • Hydraulic auger – with its own lift ram or mounted to the Rock spike Extractor
  • 75 mm, 100 mm,150 mm or 200 mm augers
  • Rock Drill with Planetary drive motor (mounts on Rock spike extractor)
  • Telescopic extension for Rock Drill (auger hole 1500 mm deep)
  • 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm Rock Drill augers
  • 350 KG Block upgrade
  • 4.5 m mast (instead of 4.8 m)
  • Leg roller kit for side mount unit (ideal for road sides and hard ground)
  • Post Lifter Kit
  • Hydraulic leg ram

The Fencepro Ultra G3 has 4.0m under the postcap, allowing a 3.7m (12’) strainer to be driven in. The Ultra G3 above has a Rock Spike Extractor with a ram to swing it in and out of the working position.

The Fencepro Ultra G3 is the most durable and versatile post driver available in New Zealand. A professional fencing rig that makes light work of the most difficult terrain and ground conditions. Long rope life is a result of the new design, incorporating a huge single pulley at the top of the mast and oversize pulleys on the lift ram. 11 mm wire rope is used instead of the usual 9 mm rope on the rest of the Fencepro range.

Ultra G3 on the Line with Case tractor

Ultra G3 with Sidemount unit on Duetz Tractor steep fenceline

Ultra G3 with Sidemount unit on Duetz Tractor steep fenceline

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